All problems come from problems with other people

Here’s a simpler English translation suitable for middle school students:

These words come from Adler, a famous psychologist.

Even though Adler’s psychology is popular now, I only learned about it in my second or third year at work during a training session. Since then, it has taught me a lot.

Adler didn’t focus on whether his ideas were right or wrong. Instead, he said understanding that “all problems come from problems with other people” helped him help his patients better.

It’s true, problems with friends or other people can be the biggest problems in life.

For example, some people might quit their jobs or stop going to school because they are having trouble with others.

But, this also means if we get along well with others, we can solve many of our problems.

That’s why I think it’s very important to understand people and make good friends.

It might be hard, but having good relationships with others is key.

This is also a part of being happy and healthy!


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