Let’s become givers!

When you hear the term “people person,” it may carry a negative connotation, but since this world is a society of people, I believe that understanding the hearts of others can lead to happiness for oneself and those around them.

The human heart is not all about idealistic virtues; there are also many wicked hearts. I think living by embracing all of them makes life easier and is a path to success in human society.

There is a person named Munou Shougen who wrote a book called “Techniques of Winning People Over.” It was full of insightful thoughts. The art of dealing with people is the most crucial skill for achieving “success” in human society.

The key point is, “the charm of a person is born by giving to others and disappears by seeking (taking) from others.”

The five strong desires of humans are:

  1. Survival Instinct – Wanting to live long, stay healthy, and not worry about food. “Money” gives a sense of security to people.
  2. Group Behavior – Wanting to be with people, wanting to get along. Being considerate to prevent people from feeling “lonely.”
  3. Self-Importance – Wanting to be recognized by others, wanting to be cherished. Being a person who gives a sense of self-importance to others (a leader).
    • People crave approval.
    • The Chinese proverb “A warrior dies for the one who knows oneself” – You can sacrifice your life for someone who has enhanced your sense of importance.
    • When there is a lack of self-importance, people tend to engage in behaviors like “boasting,” “criticizing,” and “showing off,” seeking validation from others.
    • “Listening” is an act that gives a sense of importance to others. High-class hostesses in Ginza and top life insurance salesmen always prioritize listening.
  4. Sexual Desire – Attractive individuals, both men and women, are those full of vitality, overflowing with life force = people radiating positive energy.
  5. Curiosity – People are curious; secrets make a person attractive. Those who talk about themselves after being asked by others.

Being a “people person” essentially means being a person “filled with love.”

  • In the world, there are more “seekers” than “givers.” Many people are unsatisfied and hungry.
  • “Givers” are few, so there is no competition, and it can be done selflessly.

Let’s become givers!

This is also well-being.

昭和~令和までサラリーマンやってます。心がフッと軽くなる考え方や、元気に生きて行こうという気持ちになるブログを目指してます。誰かのために、もっとWell Being(幸福)な世の中のために!

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